Monday, June 17, 2019
Public Housing

Public Housing Program

 Location and Unit Types

The HAJP owns and operates 200 units of Public Housing in a single housing development in Marrero, LA.  This property was originally constructed in 1963 and consists of 100 duplexes with one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units.


Tenant Rent

Tenant rent is primarily income-based, with rent equal to approximately 30% of each family’s adjusted gross income.  Some tenants may choose to pay a flat rent which is set at 80% of the Section 8 Fair Market Rent (FMR).


Flat Rents for our Public Housing Units are:











The HAJP pays water, sewer and gas.  Tenants are required to pay for electricity and must make payments directly to the utility company (Entergy of Louisiana).  Tenants do receive a utility allowance from the HAJP.  This utility allowance is based on the size of the unit and is deducted from the amount the tenant is required to pay for rent.


Current Utility Allowances for our Public Housing Units are:










How to Apply for Public Housing

The HAJP only accepts applications when the Waiting List is open.  The opening of the Waiting List is announced publicly through the local newspaper and through our website.


When applications are being accepted, persons interested in applying must request and complete a pre-application.  The completed application must be returned to the HAJP main office located at 1718 Betty Street in Marrero, LA 70072 along with the following information:


  • Copies of Birth Certificates for all persons listed on the pre-application/

  • Copies of Social Security Cards for all persons listed on the pre-application

  • Copies of official photo identification (i.e., Driver’s License, Government-Issued ID, etc.) for all adults listed on the pre-application

  • Verification of income for all persons listed on the pre-application (example: check stubs, Social Security or SSI award letters, child support printout, food stamp printout, etc.)


Once the application is received, reviewed and approved, it will be added to our waiting list in accordance with our Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP)


To be considered eligible for Public Housing, your family income may not exceed the Lower-Income Limit for our metropolitan area.  Income limits for the public housing program in 2015 are:

Family Size









Income Limit